The Nature Conservancy

Every oyster reef we restore, every community we support and every species brought back from the brink, begins with you.

Restoring Hong Kong's Lost Oyster Reefs for Nature Oysters and other shellfish provide a boon of benefits, acting as natural filter feeders that improve local water quality and stabilize shorelines. The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong has deployed two pilot oyster reefs in Lau Fau Shan and Tolo Harbour using discarded shells.

Restoration Guidelines for Shellfish Reefs

Often overlooked as a crucial marine habitat, oysters are also ecosystem engineers that play a tremendous role in coastal protection and support marine ecosystems wherever they thrive.

Our Priorities

A World Where People and Nature Thrive

We work to meet this ambitious goal by focusing on these key areas of conservation.

Our Priorities

A kingfisher bird looks to the right.
Kingfisher awaiting a catch in Hong Kong. © Francois Wolfaardt/TNC Photo Contest 2019
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A win for you, and a win for NATURE!

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